Top things to do

Top Choice Historic Site in Chanthaburi

Chanthaboon Waterfront Community

Hugging the banks of Mae Nam Chanthaburi is this charismatic part of town, filled with restored houses and elderly residents sitting around reminiscing with each other about their Chanthaburi tales. The Learning Hou…
Top Choice Thai in Chanthaburi


This welcoming family-run restaurant in the centre near the waterfront is a great place to try local specialities; the chamung leaves with pork and Chanthaburi crab noodles are particularly good, but it's all really…
Market in Chanthaburi

Gem Market

Every weekend, the normally quiet streets near Th Si Chan (or 'Gem Road') burst into life as gem traders arrive to bustle and bargain. It's incongruously humble considering the value of the commodities on offer, as …
National Park in Chanthaburi

Khao Khitchakut National Park

Khao Khitchakut National Park is 28km northeast of town off Rte 3249. Though it’s one of Thailand’s smallest national parks (59 sq km), it’s bordered by wildlife sanctuaries and harbours wild elephants. The cascade …
National Park in Chanthaburi

Namtok Phlio National Park

This national park, off Hwy 3, is 14km to the southeast of Chanthaburi and is popular, as evidenced by the food stalls lining the road to the entrance. A pleasant short nature trail loops around the waterfalls, whic…
Cathedral in Chanthaburi

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Thailand’s largest cathedral, on the east bank of Mae Nam Chanthaburi, started life as a modest chapel in 1711. Since then there have been four reconstructions and the current Gothic-style structure includes some im…
Thai in Chanthaburi

Tamajun Restaurant

The most sophisticated of the riverside restaurants, Tamajun has elegant vintage-style decor and excellent tables hanging over the water. Live crooner bands operate at night, when tasty dishes that pack a serious sp…
Indian in Chanthaburi

786 Muslim Restaurant

In among all the Chanthaburi gem dealers, this restaurant run by Thai Muslims is worth a stop for its excellent paratha, biryani, curries, meatballs and chai tea.
Buddhist Temple in Chanthaburi

Wat Phai Lom

Begun in the early 18th century, this sizeable complex features a high, ornate ordination hall with fresco decoration and another building with an enormous reclining Buddha.
Museum in Chanthaburi

Chanthaboon Learning House

This traditional house in the heart of the waterside district has some interesting old and new photographs of the area as well as a small garden and shop. The wide balcony upstairs is a fine spot to observe local li…