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Top Choice Thai in Cha-am

Rang Yen Garden

This lush garden restaurant is a cosy and friendly spot to feel at home after a day of feeling like a foreigner. It serves up Thai favourites and is only open in the high season.
Food & Drink in Cha-am

Gin Hoy, Do Nok, Tuk Meuk

You really can do it all at this annual festival held in September. The English translation means ‘Eat Shellfish, Watch Birds, Catch Squid’ and is a catchy slogan for all of Cha-am’s local attractions and fishing tr…
Food & Drink in Cha-am

Crab Festival

In February, Cha-am celebrates one of its local marine delicacies: blue crabs. Food stalls, concerts, and lots of neon turn the beachfront into a pedestrian party.
Italian in Cha-am

Bella Pizza

Located at the southern end of town (but they deliver), this popular, Italian-run pizza place has a large, quiet outdoor terrace. Thai food is on offer as well.
International in Cha-am

Hello Restaurant

The French chef here turns out high-quality international dishes, as well as Thai standards and lots of seafood.
Sports in Cha-am

Cha'am International Kite Festival

Every March, kites from around Thailand and the world take to the skies over the beach for two days.