Central Thailand drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Kanchanaburi

10 O'Clock

Flanked by a fountain that wouldn't look out of place in a Viennese palace, 10 O'Clock (guess the opening hours) has outdoor tables under shady trees. Within the clock-bedecked cafe, passionfruit frappés and good co…
Top Choice Cafe in Kanchanaburi


Hunker down with a bit of history – plus great coffee and dainty baked goods – in this primrose-yellow building on the Heritage Walking Street. This house (built in 1920) has been owned by the same family for genera…
Coffee in Lopburi

About Coffee Garden

This coffee stand, 7km east of the old town, is a welcome surprise with its award-winning brews and charmingly ramshackle garden shed ambience.
Cafe in Ayuthaya


Iced mango smoothies and coffees come garnished with edible flowers and Ayuthaya's favourite sweet treat, săi mài (palm sugar floss) at this photogenic, brick-walled cafe.
Coffee in Nam Tok

Yuk Coffee

Excellent coffee and desserts are available from this enormously friendly roadside cafe, 15km southeast of Nam Tok train station.
Cafe in Sangkhlaburi

Cath Coffee

Take a break from the heat with a coffee, fruity iced tea or chocolate frappe at this cheery cafe; there's also an expat-friendly menu of mac 'n' cheese and steaks.
Cafe in Ayuthaya

Say Cafe & Gallery

Opposite Wat Mahathat, this fan-cooled cafe serves ice-blended fruit shakes and good coffee in a setting resembling a trendy greenhouse.
Cafe in Lopburi

Nom Cup D

This kitsch, toy-themed cafe serves a dazzlingly colourful range of coffees, teas and ice-blended drinks, studded with candy and wads of cake. Staff are as sweet as what's on sale.
Bar in Kanchanaburi

Sugar Member

'Drink! Drunk! Dance!' urges the sign above Sugar Member, and punters happily comply. This is a classic Kanchanaburi backpacker bar, with a vague reggae theme and friendly staff who will sip whisky buckets with you …
Bar in Sangkhlaburi

Blue Rock

Volunteers, expats and locals frequent this grungy, casual boozer for beers and monstrously large burgers. Bar staff's local tips are well worth the price of a drink.