Top Choice Ruins in Buriram Province

Phanom Rung Historical Park

Phanom Rung has a knock-you-dead location. Crowning the summit of a spent volcano, this sanctuary sits a good 70 storeys above the paddy fields below. To the southeast you can clearly see Cambodia’s Dongrek Mountain…
Ruins in Buriram Province

Prasat Muang Tam

In the little village of Khok Meuang, the restored Khmer temple of Prasat Meuang Tam is an ideal bolt-on to any visit to Phanom Rung, which is only 8km to the northwest. Dating back to the late 10th or early 11th ce…
Buddhist Temple in Buriram Province

Wat Khao Angkhan

Although this peaceful temple atop an extinct volcano has an ancient past, as evidenced by the 8th- or 9th-century Dvaravati sandstone boundary markers, it's the modern constructions that make Wat Khao Angkhan worth…