Top Choice Live Music in Banglamphu

Brick Bar

This basement pub, one of our fave destinations in Bangkok for live music, hosts a nightly revolving cast of bands for an almost exclusively Thai crowd – many of whom will end the night dancing on the tables. Brick …
Top Choice Live Music in Greater Bangkok

Parking Toys

One of Bangkok’s best venues for live music, Parking Toys hosts an eclectic revolving cast of fun bands ranging in genre from rockabilly to electro-funk jam acts.
Theatre in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini

Sala Rim Naam

The historic Mandarin Oriental hosts dinner theatre in a sumptuous Thai pavilion located across the river in Thonburi. The price is well above the average, reflecting the means of the hotel’s client base, but the pe…
Live Music in Siam Square, Pratunam, Ploenchit & Ratchathewi

Saxophone Pub & Restaurant

After nearly 30 years, Saxophone remains Bangkok’s premier live-music venue – a dark, intimate space where you can pull up a chair just a few metres away from the band and see their every bead of sweat. If you prefe…
Live Music in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini

Bamboo Bar

Recently renovated and looking better than ever, the Oriental's Bamboo Bar remains one of the city's premier locales for live jazz. The music starts at 9pm nightly.
Live Music in Siam Square, Pratunam, Ploenchit & Ratchathewi

Diplomat Bar

Named for its location in the middle of the embassy district, this is one of the few hotel lounges that locals make a point of visiting. Choose from an expansive list of innovative martinis, and sip to live jazz, pl…
Live Music in Banglamphu

Ad Here the 13th

Located beside Khlong Banglamphu/Khlong Rob Krung, this closet-sized blues bar is everything a neighbourhood joint should be: lots of regulars, cold beer and heart-warming tunes delivered by a masterful house band (…
Live Music in Siam Square, Pratunam, Ploenchit & Ratchathewi


This rustic pub is one of the few remaining places in town to hear ‘songs for life’, Thai folk music with roots in the political movements of the 1960s and ’70s. Tasty bar snacks also make it a clever place to have …
Live Music in Riverside, Silom & Lumphini

Three Sixty

Feeling frustrated with Bangkok? A set or two of live jazz in this elegant glass-encased perch 32 floors above the city will help you forget some of your troubles, or at the very least, give you a whole new perspect…
Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit

Living Room

Don’t let looks deceive you: every night this bland hotel lounge transforms into the city’s best venue for live jazz. True to the name, there’s comfy, sofa-based seating, all of it within earshot of the music. Enqui…