Top Choice Live Music in Northern Bangkok

Parking Toys

One of Bangkok’s best venues for live music, Parking Toys hosts an eclectic revolving cast of fun bands ranging in genre from rockabilly to electro-funk jam acts.
Spectator Sport in Northern Bangkok

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium

The other of Bangkok's two premier Thai boxing rings is located in a modern venue far north of town. Matches occur on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6.30pm to 11pm, and on Saturdays from 2pm to 8.30pm.
Cabaret in Northern Bangkok

Playhouse Magical Cabaret

Watching gà·teu·i (also spelt kàthoey) – Thai drag performers – sing show tunes has, not surprisingly, become a staple on the Bangkok tourist circuit. Playhouse caters to the trend, with choreographed stage shows fe…
Cinema in Northern Bangkok


Bangkok’s first and biggest art-house cinema, House shows lots of foreign flicks of the non-Hollywood type.
Theatre in Northern Bangkok

Siam Niramit

A cultural theme park, this enchanted kingdom transports visitors to a Disneyfied version of ancient Siam with a brightly coloured stage show of traditional performance depicting the Lanna Kingdom, the Buddhist heav…
Live Music in Northern Bangkok

Hollywood Awards

Like taking a time machine back to the previous century, Hollywood is a holdover from the days when a night out in Bangkok meant corny live stage shows, wiggling around the whisky-set table and neon, neon, neon. As …