Top Choice Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit

The Living Room

Don’t let looks deceive you: every night this bland hotel lounge transforms into the city’s best venue for live jazz. True to the name, there’s comfy, sofa-based seating, all of it within earshot of the music. Enqui…
Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit

Lam Sing

Even Ziggy Stardust–era David Bowie has nothing on this dark, decadent, rhinestone-encrusted den, one of Bangkok's best venues for mŏr lam and lôok tûng, music with roots in Thailand's rural northeast. Come for rauc…
Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit

Parking Toys' Watt

Resembling a Moroccan souk stuffed with kitschy Thai furniture, this is one of Bangkok's quirkier options for a night of live music. And like its mother venue, Parking Toys, it's also a great place to eat; don't mis…
Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit


Many come to this cheesy ‘ice bar’ for the chill, the skimpily dressed working girls and the flavoured vodka, but we come for Unicorn, the all-female house band, who rock the house from Monday to Saturday.
Cinema in Thanon Sukhumvit

Friese-Greene Club

You couldn't find a bigger contrast with Bangkok's huge, mall-bound cinemas than this private theatre with just nine seats. Check the website for a schedule of upcoming films.
Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit


Antiques and a shophouse-like setting give Apoteka a fun, old-school feel. Stiff mixed drinks and blues-oriented bands every night from around 7pm make it one of the better places in the area to sip to live music.
Red-Light District in Thanon Sukhumvit

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Nana is a three-storey go-go bar complex where the sexpats are separated from the gawking tourists. It’s also home to a few gà·teu·i (cross-dresser or transgender; also spelt kàthoey) bars.
Red-Light District in Thanon Sukhumvit

Soi Cowboy

This single-lane strip of raunchy bars claims direct lineage to the post–Vietnam War R&R era. A real flesh trade functions amid the flashing neon.