Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Chinatown

Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha)

The attraction at Wat Traimit is undoubtedly the impressive 3m-tall, 5.5-tonne, solid-gold Buddha image, which gleams like, well, gold. Sculpted in the graceful Sukhothai style, the image was 'discovered' some 60 ye…
Market in Chinatown

Talat Mai

With nearly two centuries of commerce under its belt, New Market is no longer an entirely accurate name for this strip of commerce. Regardless, this is Bangkok’s, if not Thailand’s, most Chinese market, and the drie…
Church in Chinatown

Church of Santa Cruz

Centuries before Sukhumvit became Bangkok's international district, the Portuguese claimed fa·ràng (Western) supremacy on a riverside plot of land given to them by King Taksin in appreciation for their support afte…
Buddhist Temple in Chinatown

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

Clouds of incense and the sounds of chanting form the backdrop at this Chinese-style Mahayana Buddhist temple. Surrounding the temple are vendors selling food for the gods – steamed lotus-shaped dumplings and orange…
Area in Chinatown

Talat Noi

This microcosm of soi life is named after a small (nóy) market (đà·làht) that sets up between Soi 22 and Soi 20, off Th Charoen Krung. Wandering here you’ll find streamlike soi turning in on themselves, weaving th…
Museum in Chinatown

Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center

The Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Center is a small but engaging museum with multimedia exhibits on the history of Bangkok’s Chinatown and its residents.
Church in Chinatown

Holy Rosary Church

Portuguese seafarers were among the first Europeans to establish diplomatic ties with Siam, and their influence in the kingdom was rewarded with prime riverside real estate. When a Portuguese contingent moved across…
Area in Chinatown


Heaps of South Asian traders set up shop in Bangkok's small but bustling Little India, where everything from Bollywood movies to bindis is sold by enthusiastic, small-time traders. It’s a great area to just wander t…
Historic Building in Chinatown

Hualamphong Train Station

At the southeastern edge of Chinatown, Bangkok’s main train station was built by Dutch architects and engineers between 1910 and 1916.
Sikh Temple in Chinatown

Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Just off Th Chakkaraphet is this gold-domed Sikh temple. It’s a large hall, somewhat reminiscent of a mosque interior, devoted to the worship of the Guru Granth Sahib, the 17th-century Sikh holy book, which is itsel…