Top things to do in Ban Pa-Ao

Top Choice Handicrafts in Ban Pa-Ao

Ban Pa-Ao Brassware Center

Come here to see Ban Pa-Ao's famous brass artists using a unique lost-wax casting method. Workers here create bells, bowls and more on-site, although not every step is done daily, so what you'll see is a bit up to l…
Museum in Ban Pa-Ao

Wat Burapa Pa-Ao Nuea Museum

A surprising find in such a far-flung village, this gorgeous museum in Wat Burapa Pa-Ao Nuea holds various historical artefacts (in particular pottery, ancient coins and Dong Son bronze drums) and local handicrafts.…
Arts & Crafts in Ban Pa-Ao

Ban Pa-Ao Silk Center

Signed as the Native Exhibition Center, this silk group has some excellent cloth on sale, much of it naturally dyed, and a few looms, although most of the weaving is done at home.