Top things to do in Ban Na Kha

Buddhist Temple in Ban Na Kha

Wat Na Kha Taewee

Wat Na Kha Taewee was established by a wandering monk who found a hole from which bellowed the sound and smoke of a naga. He plugged the hole with a rock and decided to settle here. The hole, sandwiched between the …
Market in Ban Na Kha

Covered Market

Dozens of shops sell a great variety of silk and cotton, both raw fabric and finished clothes. Much of it's hand-woven in this district, but other styles from elsewhere in Thailand and Laos are available. Many of th…
Arts & Crafts in Ban Na Kha

Mae Bah Pah Fai

Across from Wat Na Kha Taewee temple entrance, this shop has as good a fabric selection as any in the village: the mát·mèe in particular is exquisite. A piece of century-old kít cloth hangs on display in the back.
Buddhist Temple in Ban Na Kha

Wat Tung Toomkam

This small shady temple 700m southeast of the village features some curious Buddhist art, including many Buddhas covered with coins.