Both beaches have accommodation for all budgets. Most places are pretty much empty on weekdays and are only really busy on holiday weekends when Bangkokians are willing to take the time to drive past Hua Hin. Most hotels and resorts don't, or only slightly, raise their rates on regular weekends.

Ban Krut

Most accommodation is in the busy core beach area that begins 1km from the tiny and timeless wooden shophouse-filled village. To the north of the temple-topped headland (this beach is called Hat Sai Kaew) and to the south it quickly turns remote and private with only a few scattered resorts in between coconut groves.

Bang Saphan Yai

The beach is 6km south of Bang Saphan Yai town. There are a handful of small flash resorts here and also a row of basic, budget bungalows with direct beach access to the north of the Why Not Bar. There's some lodging inland too, but this kind of defeats the purpose of coming here.