Ban Chiang attractions

Museum in Ban Chiang

Ban Chiang National Museum

This excellent museum, developed with some assistance from the Smithsonian Institution, exhibits a wealth of pottery from all Ban Chiang periods, plus myriad spearheads, sickles, fish hooks, ladles, neck rings and o…
Archaeological Site in Ban Chiang

Wat Pho Si Nai Burial Site

A 700m walk east of the Ban Chiang National Museum (turn left out of the museum and keep going), this is the largest of the burial grounds excavated in the town and the only one kept open for tourism. It has a clust…
Arts Centre in Ban Chiang

Sor Hong Daeng Ban Chiang Weaving Group

This women's weaving group mostly makes indigo-dyed cotton fabric, including mát·mèe. Visitors are welcome. It's an 800m walk from the museum; turn left out of the museum, take the first right, then left at the end …
Notable Building in Ban Chiang

Tai Phuan House

About 300m southwest of the burial site (follow the signs for 'Phuan House which the King and Queen visited in 1972'), this traditional Isan house is promoted as an attraction, but the still-lived-in houses througho…
Buddhist Temple in Ban Chiang

Wat Pa Lelai

This temple is 500m north of the burial site, across the little bridge. The awesome childlike murals in the white two-storey storage building at the back are both enlightening and entertaining.