Top things to do in Ban Bo Luang

National Park in Ban Bo Luang

Doi Phu Kha National Park

This national park is centred on 2000m-high Doi Phu Kha, the province’s highest peak, in Amphoe Pua and Amphoe Bo Kleua, about 75km northeast of Nan. There are several Htin, Mien, Hmong and Thai Lü villages in the p…
National Park in Ban Bo Luang

Khun Nan National Park

Khun Nan National Park is located a few kilometres north of Ban Bo Kleua and has a 2km walk from the visitor centre that ends in a viewpoint looking over local villages and nearby Laos.
Thai in Ban Bo Luang

Hua Saphan

This is probably the best of the few small restaurants serving basic dishes in Ban Bo Luang; there's no Roman-script sign, but it's located at the foot of the bridge.