Top Choice Cafe in Ayuthaya

Coffee Old City

Energise for a day of temple-hopping with shrimp rice soup and a caffeine hit at this friendly cafe. Wicker chairs, greenery, bare-brick feature walls and traditional Thai decorations establish a calming ambience. I…
Top Choice Thai in Ayuthaya

Sainam Pomphet

Spider crab – either steamed or whipped into fried rice – is the house speciality at this excellent riverside restaurant. Fish 'steamboat' dishes (in a simmering tureen) are immensely popular too. Those who aren't f…
Top Choice Thai in Ayuthaya


Touristy but satisfying, Malakor has a big menu, a great cook whipping up catfish curry and pàd gàprow gài (chicken with basil), and a relaxing wooden hut to enjoy it in. You will need to be patient with the service…
Thai in Ayuthaya

Bann Kun Pra

More intimate than most of Ayuthaya's riverside restaurants, this century-old teak house is a great place to sit and watch river life pass by. Service quality varies, but the menu is loaded with seafood – including …
Market in Ayuthaya

Bang Ian Night Market

This big, busy night market on its namesake street is a great destination for noshing on barbecued river fish, glass noodles, curry and rice dishes, rainbow-coloured kà·nŏm chan (layered coconut jellies) and much mo…
Desserts in Ayuthaya

Roti Săi Măi Stalls

The dessert roti săi măi (silk thread roti) was invented in Ayuthaya and is sold all over town, though these stalls fronting the hospital are the most famous.
Noodles in Ayuthaya

Lung Lek

This locally adored noodle emporium serves some of the most notable gŏo·ay đĕe·o mŏo đŭn (stewed pork noodles, aka boat noodles) in town.
Thai in Ayuthaya


One of many restaurants with riverside decks along this stretch of Mae Nam Chao Phraya, Sai-Thong has perhaps the merriest ambience, thanks to occasional live music and jokey serving staff. The menu is broader than …
Thai in Ayuthaya

Number One

This friendly hole-in-the-wall cafe offers wholesome kerbside eating, including satisfying breakfasts of eggs and straw mushroom fry-ups, as well as Western-style spreads with cold cuts and toast. Fresh and tasty lu…
Market in Ayuthaya

Talat Nam Wat Tha Ka Rong

Buying your food at this floating market, where vendors serve from boats tied to large rafts, is a great experience, though finding space at a table is less fun. It's on Mae Nam Chao Phraya behind its namesake templ…