Top Choice Thai in Ayuthaya

Pae Krung Gao

A wonderfully cluttered riverside restaurant serving top-notch Thai food – seemingly half the crowd is here for the grilled river prawns. The English-language menu is limited, so if you know what you like, just ask.
Top Choice Thai in Ayuthaya

Bann Kun Pra

Far more intimate than most of Ayuthaya's riverside restaurants, this century-old teak house is a great place to sit and watch river life pass by. The inventive menu is loaded with seafood and has several versions o…
Sweets in Ayuthaya

Roti Sai Mai Stalls

The dessert roh-đee săi măi (silk thread roti) was invented in Ayuthaya and is sold all over town, though the shops fronting the hospital are the most famous. Buy a bag then make your own by rolling together thin st…
Noodles in Ayuthaya

Lung Lek

Everybody's favourite noodle emporium, Uncle Lek has long served some of the most notable gŏoay đĕeo reua in town.
Thai in Ayuthaya


One of many big restaurants with riverside decks along this stretch of the Chao Phraya, Sai-Thong doesn't bother much with decoration since the food is good enough to keep the locals coming back. The menu is broader…
Seafood in Ayuthaya

Baan Mai Rim Nam

One of the livelier restaurants along Th U Thong, this riverfront restaurant specialises in fried and steamed fish.
Market in Ayuthaya

Talat Nam Wat Tha Ka Rong

Buying your food at this floating market, where vendors serve from boats tied up to large rafts, is a great experience, though finding space at a table is less fun. It's on the Chao Phraya river behind its namesake …
Market in Ayuthaya

Bang Ian Night Market

This big, busy night market at the end of its namesake street is a great noshing destination. It's also ideally situated for a visit either before or after seeing the ruins illuminated at night.
Thai in Ayuthaya


Malakor has a big menu, low prices, a great cook and a relaxing little wooden hut to enjoy it all in. You will, however, need to be patient with the service side of things. The bakery, fruit juices and coffee at the…
Market in Ayuthaya

Hua Raw Night Market

This evening market offers simple riverside seating and a range of Thai and Muslim dishes; for the latter look for the green star and crescent.