Project Artisan

Top choice Multicuisine

in Ao Bang Thao & Cherngtalay

Peachy-pink and pineapple-yellow woodcarved doors frame a lantern-lit garden adorned with dreamcatchers at this boho-chic, Bali-inspired, multipurpose creative venue in northern Cherngtalay. Locally sourced breakfasts of just-baked pastries, tropical smoothie bowls, artisan sliders and organic Phang-Nga eggs are followed by live-music sessions, massages at Saparod Spa (900B to 1800B), and cocktails or Thai craft beers at street-food-stall-style Tipsy Bar.

It's popular with well-heeled local expats and, thanks to its kids' menus and massages, families. It also has a takeaway bakery. Find directions on the website.