Rey attractions

Islamic Shrine in Rey

Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdal-Azim

Rey's main attraction is this shrine built for a 9th-century descendant of Imam Hossein. The mausoleum has elaborate tilework; a golden dome; a pool in the courtyard; a 14th-century sarcophagus with intricate carvin…
Spring in Rey

Cheshmeh Ali

In the past, locals used to clean their carpets in the pool here fed by an underground mineral spring. On the rocks above is an elaborate inscription made during the reign of Fati Ali Shah (r 1797–1834), while highe…
Historic Building in Rey

Toghoral Tower

This 12th-century brick tower rises up 20m and was originally topped by a conical dome that has long since collapsed. The tower, surrounded by a small walled garden, also marks the tomb of the Seljuk king Toghoral B…
Ruins in Rey

Qal’-e Tabarak

The mud-walled remains of this Sassanid-era fortress overlook the mineral springs of Cheshmeh Ali.