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Airlines flying in and out of Zanzibar International Airport include the following:

Coastal Aviation Numerous daily flights connecting Zanzibar with Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Pemba, Tanga and elsewhere in Tanzania and East Africa.

Kenya Airways At least two flights daily to/from Nairobi (Kenya), with connections to other cities in Africa and beyond.

Precision Air Several flights to/from Dar es Salaam daily, with connections to Kilimanjaro and other destinations in Tanzania and East Africa.

Tropical Air Daily flights connecting Zanzibar with Dar es Salaam, Pemba, Mafia and Arusha.

ZanAir Daily flights to/from Dar es Salaam, Pemba and Arusha.

Costs of flights to destinations within Tanzania are similar on all the airlines, although departure days and times vary, and special offers are sometimes available. Some sample destinations and standard one-way fares:

  • Arusha/Moshi/Kilimanjaro US$250
  • Dar es Salaam US$75
  • Pemba US$100

At Zanzibar International Airport, there is no reliable phone number for the public to use for flight (or any) information; you're better off contacting a local airline office or travel agent.


To buy air tickets to destinations on mainland Tanzania, or further afield, you can visit individual airline offices in Zanzibar Town, but your best option is to visit a reputable travel agency or tour company; tickets will be the same price, or less (some bigger travel agents can offer special deals), and you'll get more choice.


Many visitors to Zanzibar travel on one of the regular and reliable services:

Zanzibar to/from Dar es Salaam Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries; high-speed passenger catamarans (standard adult fare US$35, two hours, four services each way daily).

Zanzibar to/from Pemba Sealink Ferries; roll-on, roll-off car and passenger ships (standard adult fare US$35, approximately six hours, two services each way weekly). This ferry also goes to/from Dar, and once weekly to/from Tanga.

Other ferries are Mandeleo, Serengeti and Flying Horse, but services are unreliable.

All ferries arrive in Zanzibar Town; the passenger ferry terminal gate is on Mizingani Rd. There is no reliable phone number for the public to use for ferry information; it is better to contact Azam Marine, the main ferry operator.


In Zanzibar Town, you can buy tickets for Kilimanjaro or Sealink ferries at the Azam Marine booking office, and for other ferries at ticket booths opposite the passenger ferry terminal and near the roundabout at the junction of Malawi and Mizingani Rds. For a less frenetic experience, you can also purchase ferry tickets through travel agents in Zanzibar Town.


Zanzibar Town has a separate dhow harbour, northeast of the modern ship and ferry port, from where traditional vessels sail to/from Pemba, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Mombasa (Kenya) and beyond. Despite the romantic appeal, foreigners are not permitted on these dhows.

Bus & Dalla-Dalla

Zanzibar Town is the hub for bus and dalla-dalla routes around Zanzibar Island. The main routes (and numbers) are between Zanzibar Town and the following destinations:

  • Bwejuu (via Paje) 324
  • Chwaka 206
  • Jambiani (via Paje) 309
  • Kiwengwa 117
  • Kizimkazi 326
  • Makunduchi 310
  • Matemwe 118
  • Nungwi 116
  • Uroa 214

Fares on most of these routes cost Tsh2000 to Tsh3000, and trips take one to two hours.

At the time of research, long-distance bus and dalla-dalla transport from Zanzibar Town was in a state of flux after the long-distance transport stands along Creek Rd were closed.

  • For destinations to the north (Mangapwani, Kiwengwa, Matemwe, Kendwa, Nungwi) the transport stand is on Creek Rd near the petrol station.
  • For destinations to the south (Airport, Fumba) the transport stand is on Creek Rd just south of Jamhuri Gardens.
  • For destinations to the east and southeast (Jozani, Paje, Bweju, Jambiani, Michamvi, Kizimkazi) the transport stand is at Mwanakwerekwe market in the suburb of the same name, about 5km east of Creek Rd.
  • For destinations to the northeast (Chwaka, Uroa, Pongwe) the transport stand is at Mwembe Ladu, about 2km east of Creek Rd near Amani Stadium.

To reach Mwanakwerekwe or Amani Stadium, local transport leaves from the stand on Karume Rd to the east of Creek Rd. Boda-boda (motorbike taxis) can be found at the cross-roads of Karume and Creek Rds.


For getting around Zanzibar Island, you can rent a car in Zanzibar Town via a travel agent or tour company. Self-drive is rare; most vehicles come with driver (and are in fact taxis). Expect to pay from US$50 per day for car and driver, plus fuel.

Private Shared Minibus

The most common way for visitors to get from Zanzibar Town to Nungwi, Paje and other popular coast destinations around Zanzibar Island is by private shared minibus. It's fast and straightforward, and easily arranged. Hotels, tour companies and local guides cooperate to put groups together, so you'll find yourself sharing a minibus with several other passengers all going to the same destination.

Most minibuses leave in the morning (they'll pick you up from your hotel or a prearranged meeting point), although there are departures through the day at busy times. The fare is usually US$10 per person each way, and the journey takes one to 1½ hours. Coming back from the coast to Zanzibar Town it's the same deal.


Taxis (usually four-seater cars, but sometimes six-seater people carriers) carry tourists from Zanzibar Town to destinations around Zanzibar Island, such as Nungwi or Paje. A one-way trip costs US$25 to US$50 (shared between passengers).