Top ChoiceIsland in Chake Chake

Misali Island

Surrounded by crystal waters and stunning coral reefs, Misali offers some of the best diving in East Africa, while snorkelling is spectacular and easily reached from the beach. Around the island, nesting turtles...

Top ChoiceCafe in Zanzibar Town

Zanzibar Coffee House

The top spot in Zanzibar for a serious cup of genuine East African Rift Valley coffee is undoubtedly this charming cafe. Alongside espressos and cappuccinos are milkshakes, crêpes, salads, sandwiches and toasted...

Top ChoiceArt in Zanzibar Town

Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar

Organised by the dedicated Hamad and other local artists, with an emphasis on quality and distinctiveness, this arts centre and shop provide a refreshing change from the wooden animals and tinga-tinga art found...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Michamvi Peninsula

The Rock

Zanzibar's most photogenic restaurant is perched on a coral outcrop in a stunning location surrounded by sea. At low tide you can walk to it; at other times (maybe after a long lunch) boats are provided. Of...

Top ChoiceCafe in Paje

Mr Kahawa

After a hard morning's kitesurfing, or maybe after a hard night's partying, this is the place for a top-notch espresso or cappuccino, accompanied by a sweet pancake, savoury wrap, panini, juice or salad. It's...

Top ChoiceFusion in Zanzibar Town

Emerson Spice Rooftop Teahouse

Perched on top of the Emerson Spice hotel, the 'teahouse' (open-sided room) offers 360-degree views and some of the finest food in Stone Town. Many guests come for pre-dinner sundowner cocktails before enjoying...

Top ChoiceMusic in Zanzibar Town

Sauti za Busara

A cultural landmark in Zanzibar since 2003, Sauti za Busara is one of the biggest festivals of its sort in East Africa, showcasing music and musicians of all genres – taarab, jazz, Afro-pop or bongo flava – from...

Top ChoiceZanzibari in Zanzibar Town

Lukmaan Restaurant

Probably the best local restaurant for quality Zanzibari food. There's no menu: just make your way inside to the 1950s counter and see what's on offer. Servings are enormous and include various biryanis, fried...

Top ChoiceLive Music in Zanzibar Town

Dhow Countries Music Academy

Many music genres are studied at this academy and regular evening concerts showcase students' work, from Afro-jazz and fusion to taarab – Zanzibar's celebrated sung poetry. For a more hands-on experience,...

Historic Building in Zanzibar Town

House of Wonders

House of Wonders

An icon of Stone Town, the House of Wonders rises in impressive tiers of slender steel pillars and balconies overlooking the waterfront. Its enormous carved doors are said to be the largest in East Africa,...

Animal Sanctuary in Nungwi

Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond

Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond

In 1993 the villagers of Nungwi opened this turtle sanctuary in a large natural tidal pool near the lighthouse and since then these sea creatures have enjoyed a degree of protection from being hunted and eaten....

Wildlife Reserve in Zanzibar Island



ZALA (Zanzibar Land Animals) Park was founded as a project to help local people appreciate the value of wildlife, with funds raised by tourist visits. The park itself appears forlorn today, as more energy and...

Gardens in Zanzibar Town

Forodhani Gardens

Forodhani Gardens

One of the best ways to ease into Zanzibar life is to stop by this waterfront public space. It's a social hub for tourists and locals alike; there's a large restaurant jutting into the sea, two small cafes with...

Historic Building in Zanzibar Town

Old Dispensary

Old Dispensary

With its peppermint-green latticework balconies and sculpted clock tower, this 19th-century charitable dispensary is one of the most attractive landmarks on the waterfront. It was built by Tharia Topan, a...

Zanzibari in Zanzibar Town

Emerson on Hurumzi Rooftop Teahouse

Part of the well-known Emerson on Hurumzi hotel, the rooftop teahouse restaurant is open to nonguests. The food is excellent, and the view simply stunning. Lunch is served from noon to 4pm, or come early for...

Cinema in Zanzibar Town

Hurumzini Movie Café

Come for coffee, a meal or a movie – or all three. With comfortable sofas, funky decor and an imaginative menu (snacks from Tsh3000; meals Tsh9000 to Tsh15,000), this is a great little place. Swing by during the...

Zanzibari in Zanzibar Town

Monsoon Restaurant

Something slightly different: Monsoon has traditional-style dining, so you eat at low tables lounging on cushions (shoes off at the door, naturally). The menu is well-prepared Swahili cuisine with a modern twist....

Museum in Zanzibar Town

Princess Salme Museum

Princess Salme Museum

Carefully curated by the renowned historian Said al Gheithy, this delightful little museum tells the story of Princess Salme, a sultan's daughter who eloped with a German merchant in the late 19th century and...

Cinema in Zanzibar Town


The gap left by the closure of the much-loved Cine Afrique has been filled by the even-more delightful Zancinema. Owned and run by a local movie enthusiast, it shows a wide range of films from Hollywood to...

Cathedral in Zanzibar Town

Anglican Cathedral

Anglican Cathedral

The tall spire and grey-yellow walls of the Anglican cathedral dominate the surrounding streets in this part of Stone Town, while the dark-wood pews and stained-glass windows will remind British visitors of...