Top ChoiceArt in Zanzibar Town

Cultural Arts Centre Zanzibar

Organised by the dedicated Hamad and other local artists, with an emphasis on quality and distinctiveness, this arts centre and shop provide a refreshing change from the wooden animals and tinga-tinga art found...

Arts & Crafts in Zanzibar Town

Moto & Dada Shop

This shop sells products from Moto, a Zanzibar-wide handicraft cooperative that supports the island's rural economy by selling bags, sun hats, baskets, mats and other goods woven from ukili (palm leaves), and...

Fashion & Accessories in Michamvi Peninsula


Jenga is a social enterprise offering Zanzibari entrepreneurs a platform (both online and in-store) from which to sell handmade products. And what products they are: bags and clutches in colourful graphic...

Clothing in Zanzibar Town

Upendo Means Love

This multifaith community project builds bridges between Zanzibar's minority Christians and the largely Muslim population through its sewing school and fashionable boutique. The result: stylish ladies' and...

Arts & Crafts in Zanzibar Town

Zenji Boutique

A well-curated showcase of eclectic Zanzibari and Tanzanian crafts displayed with details of their provenance and production. Kit yourself out with upcycled beach bags made from rice sacks or dhow sails, or...

Fashion & Accessories in Zanzibar Town


Shop and social enterprise Fahari combines traditional Zanzibari skills with the cutting-edge expertise of accessories designer Julie Lawrence to produce eye-catching bags in leather and ukili (woven palm fonds),...

Arts & Crafts in Zanzibar Town


The cushions, coverlets and throws in Sasik are the work of self-taught Saada Abdullah Suleiman and her team of over 45 Zanzibari women. Their intricate vegetal designs in bright primary colours are influenced by...

Fashion & Accessories in Zanzibar Town

Doreen Mashika

For Zanzibari high fashion head to this store on Hurumzi St. Trained in Switzerland, Doreen has a signature style that effortlessly combines African prints and materials with European designs, producing beaded...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Zanzibar Town

Zanzibar Curio Shop

The phrase 'Aladdin's Cave' can be overused, but not here. Step inside for floor-to-ceiling displays of gifts and souvenirs, and browse with no pressure. Go into the next room and then the next to find antiques,...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Zanzibar Town

Memories of Zanzibar

This place calls itself an emporium, and it does indeed have a massive range of souvenirs: carvings, clothing, books, ornaments, furnishings, jewellery, fabrics, toys and more, all in a modern environment....

Gifts & Souvenirs in Zanzibar Town

Hellen's Shop

The friendly Hellen has her shop slightly off the main track, down near the Africa House Hotel. Come here to buy kangas, clothing, basketware, postcards and straightforward souvenirs in a no-hassle environment.

Jewellery in Zanzibar Town

Coins Shop

Intricate and original pendants and other jewellery handmade from coins. Ready-to-wear or custom-made, modern or historic, African or international – the choice is yours.

Art in Zanzibar Town

Real Art

As the name implies, a gallery of good-quality paintings and sculpture. A sign outside declares 'All our artists are featured in contemporary art books'.

Gifts & Souvenirs in Zanzibar Town

Zanzibar Gallery

This long-standing gallery has a huge collection of souvenirs, textiles, woodcarvings, antiques, contemporary art, framed photographs and more.

Arts & Crafts in Zanzibar Town

Flip Flop Recycling

Amazing multicoloured toys and sculptures created from broken flip-flops (thongs) collected from dumps and (most importantly) beaches.

Clothing in Zanzibar Town


Ready-to-wear and custom-made dresses and skirts from kanga fabric (the colourful wraps worn by women all over East Africa).

Shoes in Zanzibar Town

Surti & Sons

For decades, Parvin Surti and his family have been shoeing Zanzibaris in beautiful, durable leather sandals (US$25 to US$35) in a range of understated styles in soft, natural colours. All the sandals are...