Tanzanian in Chake Chake


Located on the top floor of a modern concrete building, reached by an anonymous staircase, this no-frills restaurant serves evening meals, usually with just one option on the menu, such as rice with chicken or...

Tanzanian in Wete

Times Restaurant

A step up from the standard basic eating house, the Times' menu promises pizza and chicken curry, as well as staples like fish and rice. If you plan to eat in the evening, call during the day to check availability.

Tanzanian in Chake Chake


A basic eating house serving local dishes, such as beans or fish and rice. There's no sign; look for the outdoor counter under a tree a few shops up the hill from the NMB bank.

Cafe in Chake Chake

Africa Cafe

A basic place with simple meals, such as meat or fish with rice and chips.