Medical in Matemwe

Hyperbaric Chamber

For divers suffering from 'the bends', this is the only chamber in Zanzibar, and one of very few along the whole east coast of Africa. It is not permanently staffed, and it cannot be reached by tourists, unless acco…
Tourist Information in Zanzibar Town

Zanzibar Commission for Tourism Information Desk

The official Zanzibar Commission for Tourism has a tourist information desk just inside the entrance to the Old Fort. It's worth stopping to pick up leaflets or get information on upcoming festivals and events.
Bank in Wete

Allisha Bureau de Change

Formerly known as Barky, this is the best place in town to change money. It's a small shop on the main street; look for the 'Wakala' sign.
Hospital in Mkoani

Abdalla Mzee Hospital

The Chinese-run and funded Abdalla Mzee Hospital is on the edge of town in the area called Uweleni, on the main road towards Chake Chake.
Internet in Chake Chake

Tawazul Internet

Conveniently located with the most reliable service.
Hospital in Chake Chake

Dira Hospital

This is a small local private clinic with pharmacy.
Police in Zanzibar Town

Malindi Police Station

Stone Town's main police station.
Hospital in Zanzibar Town

Global Hospital

Post in Zanzibar Town

Shangani Post Office

Internet in Zanzibar Town

Azzurri Internet Café