Top ChoiceNational Park in Western Tanzania

Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park, 35km southwest of Mpanda, is Tanzania’s third-largest national park (together with two contiguous game reserves the conservation area encompasses 12,500 sq km) and one of its most unspoiled...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Western Tanzania

Mahale Mountains National Park

It’s difficult to imagine a more idyllic combination: clear, blue waters and white-sand beaches backed by lushly forested mountains soaring straight out of Lake Tanganyika, and some of the continent’s most...

Top ChoiceNational Park in Western Tanzania

Gombe National Park

With an area of only 56 sq km, this is Tanzania’s smallest national park, but its famous primate inhabitants and its connection to Jane Goodall have given it worldwide renown. Many of Gombe’s 100-plus chimps are...

Top ChoiceTanzanian in Tabora

Orion Tabora Hotel

Tabora’s top dining spot has a mix of local and continental food, with pizza and Indian available during dinner. There’s dining indoors and in the outside bar area, which has a pool table, and live bands play on...

Top ChoiceTanzanian in Kigoma

Coast View Resort

Assuming you can score a table with a view (up on the gazebo), it’s worth the trip up here for dinner or sundowners. The menu is mostly local, but has some Italian too.

Historic Site in Tabora

Livingstone’s Tembe

This deep-maroon-coloured, flat-roofed Arabic-style home, built in 1857, is the main attraction in these parts. It was Livingstone’s residence for part of 1871. Later that year Stanley waited three months here...

Museum in Ujiji

Livingstone Memorial Museum

The site where the immortal words, ‘Dr Livingstone, I presume?’ were uttered by Stanley on meeting Livingstone in 1871 is commemorated by a stark grey monument inside a chain-link fence. The two mango trees here...

Beach in Kigoma

Jakobsen’s (Mwamahunga) Beach

Jakobsen's is actually two tiny, beautiful sandy coves below a wooded hillside. The overall setting is idyllic, especially if you visit during the week when few people are around. There are some bandas for shade,...

Village in Kigoma


This large and colourful fishing village is quite a spectacle when the 200-plus wooden boats pull in with their catch. During the darkest half of the moon’s cycle they come back around 8am after they’ve spent the...

Port in Ujiji


Many people find Ujiji’s beach and small dhow port a charming step back into centuries past. They don't use power tools to build the boats, so the construction methods have been the same for generations. You may...

Village in Kigoma


There are many fishermen at Kibirizi, 2km north of town by the oil depots. The early-afternoon loading of the lake taxis is impressive in a noisy, colourful and rather chaotic kind of way. You can walk here by...

Tanzanian in Kigoma

Sun City

This long-standing establishment is a clean and almost artistic spot for wali maharagwe (rice and beans) and other local meals. There’s also chicken biryani on Sunday. Takeout is available.

Indian in Tabora

Golden Eagle Hotel

Good food and low prices; the Jeera chicken and veggie curry are just Tsh5000. Fish and chips is Tsh14,000. It also serves mocktails, beer and wine.

International in Kigoma

Kigoma Catering

The biggest and broadest menu in town, with primarily local dishes. Though it won’t wow you, the food is pretty good.

Cathedral in Tabora

Catholic Cathedral

This notable and attractive Catholic cathedral has concrete inner walls painted to look like wood and marble.

Historic Building in Kigoma

Kaiser House

This colonial-era building was constructed in the early years of the 20th century for German emperor Wilhelm II, who was planning a hunting expedition to western Tanzania. He never made the journey, but the...

Tanzanian in Mpanda


If you are willing to exercise your Swahili to its fullest and don't mind if things get lost in translation, this no-name eatery has delicious cheap set meals. Look for the blue tarp on the north side of the...

Tanzanian in Tabora

Mayor’s Fast Food

This popular local hang-out offers samosas and other snacks, plus a good-value buffet. The price depends on the meat you choose. There is a second branch, called Mayor's Hotel, next to the market.

Tanzanian in Tabora

Mayor's Hotel

Next to the market; inexpensive samosas and other snacks plus local-style meals, including rice and beans. It's on the unnamed alley behind the Grand Penta hotel (which is at the corner of Salamini and Market Sts).

Bar in Tabora

Mauwa Bar

Busy and noisy bar with tables and a pool table outside under the trees. It's catty-corner to the police station.