Embassy in Kigoma

Democratic Republic of the Congo Consulate

Congolese tourist visas must be obtained in advance from your home country; visas are not issued here. That said, staff are generally helpful (especially if you speak French or Swahili). If you are just planning to …
Tourist Information in Kigoma

Gombe/Mahale Visitor Information Centre

This helpful office for general information and for booking park-run accommodation in Gombe and Mahale is signposted off Ujiji Rd near the top of the hill; turn left at the T-junction. Staff can arrange transportati…
Tourist Information in Mahale Mountains National Park

Park Headquarters

Located at Bilenge, in the park's northwestern corner, and about 10km north of Kasiha, where the park-run bandas and several top-end camps are located. Unless you have made other arrangements with one of the lodges,…
Tourist Information in Sumbawanga

Bethlehem Tourism Information Centre

A one-stop tourist information and local tour service operated by the enthusiastic and helpful Charles. He can help with onward transport, and organises local walking tours and trips further afield to destinations s…
Embassy in Kigoma

Burundian Consulate

A one-month tourist visa for most Western nationalities costs US$90 (it only accepts US dollars), plus one passport photo and a letter of invitation. Allow up to two weeks for processing. You also pay Tsh10,000 for …
Post in Kigoma

Post Office

The post office is at the intersection of Kiezya Rd and Mwanga St, not far from the train station. It has basic postal services.
Internet in Sumbawanga


An internet cafe that offers computer services, photocopying, printing and other net-related services.
Police in Tabora

Police Station

Tabora police are unaccustomed to dealing with tourist-related issues, and you may need a translator.
Bank in Kigoma


Changes US dollars, euros and British pounds. The ATM accepts MasterCard and Visa.
Hospital in Kigoma

Kigoma International Health Clinic

For minor medical issues. It’s 1km beyond Bero petrol station.