Dairy in Tanga

Tanga Fresh

Tanga is the home of Tanga Fresh, which produces delicious fresh yoghurt and milk that's sold throughout the region. The outlet is at the end of the small dirt road running east from the Tanesco building; watch for …
Italian in Tanga

Pizzeria d’Amore

A small garden restaurant with tasty pizzas, pasta, seafood and continental fare. It has a breezy upstairs dining terrace and a bar.
Indian in Tanga

Food Palace

Tasty Indian snacks and meals, including some vegetarian selections, and local ambience. Overall good value.
European in Tanga

Tanga Yacht Club

Seafood and mixed-grill dishes in an attractive setting overlooking the water.
Supermarket in Tanga

SD Supermarket

A good stop for self-caterers; it's behind the market.