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Air Tanzania flies to both Kigoma (Tsh140,000, Wednesday) and Dar es Salaam (Tsh285,000, Sunday).


NBS, mostly offering four-across seating, is the top company operating out of Tabora. Some NBS buses depart from its office at the old bus stand. All other buses use the nearby new bus stand. Several buses depart daily between 6am and 10am to Mwanza (Tsh15,000, six hours). Buses also go to the following:

Arusha (Tsh30,000, 10 to 11 hours, 6am) Goes via Singida (Tsh20,000, four hours) and Babati (Tsh25,000, six to seven hours).

Dodoma (Tsh30,000, 10 hours, 6am)

Kigoma (Tsh15,000, seven hours, 7am)

Mbeya (Tsh45,000, 14 hours, 6am) Sasebossa and Sabena have departures several times a week.

Mpanda (Tsh23,000, 12 hours, 7am)

For all buses, arrive 30 minutes before departure.

Car & Motorcycle

Tabora Amazon Petrol Station A service station with extended hours.


Tabora is an important train junction. Trains go to the following:

Dar es Salaam (1st-class sleeping/2nd-class sleeping/economy class Tsh56,500/33,900/25,400, 24 hours, 6.40am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for ordinary trains)

Kigoma (1st/2nd/3rd class Tsh35,700/21,400/16,100, nine to 10 hours, 5.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

Mpanda (1st/2nd/3rd class Tsh27,500/21,200/11,100, 10 hours, 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

Mwanza (1st/2nd/economy class Tsh29,600/22,700/11,800, nine to 10 hours, 7pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday)

A deluxe train also runs to Dar es Salaam (Tsh56,500/33,900/25,400, 24 hours, 7.20pm Saturday) and Kigoma (Tsh35,700/21,400/16,100, nine to 10 hours, 6am Saturday).