Tanzanian in Mtwara

Drive-In Garden & Cliff Bar

Simple, delicious and generously portioned meals of grilled fish or chicken and chips, plus cold drinks. It's in a peaceful garden setting just back from the water. Call in advance and place your order to...

Indian in Mtwara

Senir Restaurant

Tasty Indian cuisine (plus some Chinese food) is served inside or on a pleasant, shaded streetside porch. Service is prompt and meals – including a good selection of vegetarian dishes – are well prepared.

Seafood in Mtwara

Southern Cross Hotel

Tasty seafood grills and other dishes, plus good coffees, served on a lovely waterside terrace with excellent views. It's also an ideal spot for sundowners.

Tanzanian in Mtwara

Himo 2 Restaurant

This popular local-style eatery serves good-value chicken, fish, beans, mishikaki (marinated, grilled meat kebabs) and other standard local fare, plus fruit juice. To get here coming from town, take the first...

Market in Mtwara

Fish Market

The fish market at the Msangamkuu ferry dock is good for street food, selling grilled pweza (octopus), vitambua (rice cakes) and other delicacies. Food is freshest in the early morning.

Tanzanian in Lindi


This long-standing local favourite is on the scruffy side, but meals – chicken or fish and rice or chips – are quick and reliable. There's no alcohol. It's one block south of the market.

Market in Kilwa Masoko

Night Market

Kilwa's lively night market gets going each evening from around 6pm, with grilled pweza (octopus), mishikaki (grilled meat skewers) and other snacks.

Supermarket in Mafia

Mkaile Super Market

This small supermarket, diagonally opposite the market in the centre of Kilindoni, has a reasonable selection of basics.

Seafood in Lindi

Lindi Oceanic Hotel

Lindi's most upmarket restaurant offers seafood grills plus some meat selections on a terrace overlooking the water.

Tanzanian in Mafia

Hakuna Matata

A large, makuti-roofed place near the market with grilled chicken or fish and chips, plus fruit juices. Take the first left after coming up the hill from the port. It’s about 50m down to your right.