Tourist Information in Kilwa Masoko

Kilwa Islands Tour Guides Association

This group of trained guides organises excursions in and around Kilwa (starting at about US$25 per person). You'll also need to book with them for all visits to Kilwa Kisiwani. Their small office at the bus stand of…
Tourist Information in Masasi

Masasi Reserve Warden’s Office

It's essential to stop here first to arrange permits if you’re planning to visit Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve. The office is in Masasi's Migongo area, about 1km north of the main road en route to Nachingwea, on the…
Tourist Information in Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve Headquarters

The helpful staff at reserve headquarters are the main contact points for making advance bookings for reserve campsites, for updated information on road conditions within the Selous and for other general enquiries.
Hospital in Lindi

Brigita Dispensary

This Western-run clinic is the best place for medical emergencies. It’s several blocks east of the market; anyone should be able to point you in the right direction.
Tourist Information in Mafia

Mafia Island Marine Park Headquarters

Licences can be arranged through the park headquarters. It's in Utende, between Mafia Island Lodge and Pole Pole Bungalow Resort.
Bank in Mafia

National Microfinance Bank

Just off the airport road and near the main junction in Kilindoni. Has an ATM (Visa and Mastercard).
Tourist Information in Kilwa Masoko

Antiquities Office

This is where you get permits to visit Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara.
Internet in Mafia

Internet Café

At New Lizu Hotel.
Bank in Mtwara

Exim Bank

Has an ATM accepting Visa and Mastercard.
ATM in Masasi


ATM; it's at the eastern end of town.