The best place to base yourself and organise hikes is at Maweni Farm, from where you can explore Soni's many attractions. These include Kwa Mungu Mountain, about 30 minutes on foot from Soni village centre, and Ndelemai Forest. Soni is also the starting point for several wonderful walks, including a two- to three-day hike to the Mazumbai Forest Reserve and Bumbuli town, and a three- to five-hour return walk to pine-clad Sakharani, a Benedictine mission that sells locally produced wine. There’s also a lovely longer walk from Maweni Farm up to Gare Mission and on to Lushoto. The area around Gare (one of the first missions in the area) was reforested as part of erosion-control efforts, and it’s interesting to see the contrast with some of the treeless, more eroded surrounding areas. After Gare, and as a detour en route to Lushoto, stop at the village of Kwai, where there’s a women’s pottery project. Kwai was also an early research post for soil science and erosion control.