Songea in detail

Flights & getting there

Super Feo departs the bus stand daily from 5am to Iringa (Tsh19,000, eight hours) and Dar es Salaam (Tsh42,000, 13 hours), and at 6am to Mbeya (Tsh19,000 to Tsh24,000, eight hours) via Njombe (Tsh10,000, four hours). There are also departures to Njombe at 9.30am and 11am.

For Mbamba Bay, there’s one direct vehicle departing daily by 7am (Tsh8000, five hours). Otherwise get transport to Mbinga and from there on to Mbamba Bay.

To Tunduru (Tsh10,000, four hours), there’s a daily bus departing by 7am. There’s also one bus daily direct to Masasi (Tsh20,000 to Tsh21,000, six to seven hours), departing by 6am.

Transport to Mozambique departs from the Majengo C area, southwest of the bus stand and about 600m in from the main road; ask locals to point out the way through the back streets. If you’re driving to Mozambique, head west 18km from Songea along the Mbinga road to the signposted turn-off, from where it’s 120km further on an unpaved but decent road to the Mozambique border.