There is a good selection of upmarket safari camps in Selous' central wildlife-viewing sector along and near the Rufiji River. Just outside Mtemere gate are several reasonably priced camps, which make good options for budget travellers. Although there are also budget guesthouses in Mloka village, about 11km outside Mtemere gate, these are only feasible for those with their own transport.

Inside the Reserve

Selous has a fine collection of intimate upmarket camps inside the reserve. For travellers on a budget, the main option is camping. All public campsites must be booked and paid for on arrival at the gates. You'll need to bring a large container to fill up for bathing and cleaning water at one of the entry gates, and then refill as needed closer to the campsites. Bring all food and drink.

Outside the Reserve

There are budget safari camps outside Selous' boundaries near Mtemere gate, plus a few nondescript local-style guesthouses in Mloka village, 11km east of Mtemere gate. Most lodges outside the gate can arrange boat safaris, walking tours outside the reserve and wildlife drives inside Selous. Boat safaris are generally done along the stretch of river east of the reserve boundaries, although it's also possible inside the reserve. Reserve fees are payable only for the days you enter within the Selous' boundaries.