Top Choice Barbecue in Arusha

Khan's Barbecue

This Arusha institution is an auto-spares shop by day (look for the Zubeda Auto Spares sign) and the best known of many earthy roadside barbecues around the market area by night. It lays out a heaped spread of grill…
Barbecue in Dar es Salaam

Mamboz Corner BBQ

This streetside place is home to what many claim is Dar’s best grilled chicken, including spicy gujarr chicken, lemon chicken and chicken sekela (with tamarind sauce), as well as dry fried fish and bowls of urojo (Z…
Barbecue in Dar es Salaam

Barbecue House

This informal eatery is a Dar institution. Choose from grilled chicken, fish or beef plus delicious sauces and sides, including green chilli, red chilli and tamarind sauces and coconut chutney. Plates of shredded ra…
Barbecue in Dar es Salaam


Huge beef, chicken and fish mishikaki (marinated, grilled kebabs), barbecue chicken and freshly baked garlic naan in a streetside setting.