The best way to begin exploration is to head to Same and then up to Mbaga (for the south Pares) or to Usangi (for the north Pares). From both Usangi and Mbaga there are hikes ranging from half a day to three days or more, and English-speaking guides can be arranged.

The best places to arrange guides are Lomwe Secondary School in Usangi and Tona Lodge in Mbaga. For organised hikes, expect to pay per person about Tsh40,000 per day for guide fees, Tsh4000 per day for village fees and about Tsh5000 per meal. There’s also a forest fee of US$30 per person per visit (Tsh5000 for Tanzania residents) for any walks that go into forest reserves. This includes hikes to Shengena Peak and most other routes. The forest fees can be paid at the Same District Catchment Office or through your guide. For any hikes with guides, the stages are generally short (two or three can usually be easily combined if you are reasonably fit) although your guide will still expect you to pay for the same number of days.

The Pares can be visited comfortably at any time of year, except during the long rains from March through May, when paths become too muddy.