Getting Around

Dalla-dallas (labelled Buhongwa) to Nyegezi Bus Station (Tsh400) run south down Kenyatta and Pamba roads. The most convenient place to find a dalla-dalla (labelled Igoma) to Buzuruga Bus Station (Tsh400) is just northeast of the clock tower, where they park before running down Uhuru St. Dalla-dallas to the airport (Tsh400) follow Kenyatta and Makongoro roads. Dalla-dallas for the Kisesa/Sukuma Museum (Tsh600) are on Uhuru near the Pamba intersection.

There are taxi stands all around the city centre, such as near the Fish Fountain and Clock Tower roundabouts, with prices averaging Tsh4000 to Tsh6000 within the centre. Taxis to Buzuruga cost from Tsh800, and to Nyegezi about Tsh18,000. Taxis to the airport cost between Tsh15,000 and Tsh20,000. Motorcycle taxis are everywhere and charge Tsh1500 within the centre.