Dangers & Annoyances

Mwanza is generally a fairly safe city to stroll about, with few touts or security issues, but be as aware as you would at home. Street begging can be aggressive at times and after 9pm dark side streets should be walked with caution. Bantu St, with its mishikaki grills, is loud and boisterous, and gets dicey in the wee hours when many people – often drunk – are heading home.

Internet Access

Corner Internet Cafe Centrally located and offers the usual services (internet, faxing, copies). Other net cafes are peppered along Post St.


Access Bank, CRDB Bank, Exim Bank, NBC Bank, Stanbic Bank, Standard Chartered and other major banks have 24-hour ATMs, with branches scattered throughout the city centre. Most branches also change cash for major currencies.


Mwanza's main post office is located on Post St and offers the usual basic services.

Tourist Information

There's a small tourist office branch inside the lobby of the New Mwanza Hotel. It can give general advice about organising Serengeti safaris and other excursions from Mwanza, but don't expect overly knowledgeable staff.

The Mwanza Guide website (www.mwanza-guide.com) has dated but useful tourist information.

Travel Agencies

Global Travel, at Mwanza Airport, can make a variety of local and international plane reservations.