Mtwara attractions

Church in Mtwara

St Paul's Church

If you are in the Majengo area of Mtwara, it's well worth stopping in at St Paul’s Church (800m southeast of the market) to view its remarkable artwork. The entire front and side walls are covered with richly colour…
Museum in Mtwara

Afri Mak Arts & Crafts Group

This tiny museum features masks, spears, tools and other cultural items from the Makonde, Makua and Yao tribes. All displays are labelled in English and Swahili. This is also the best place to get information on the…
Market in Mtwara

Dhow Port & Fish Market

Much of Mtwara’s fish comes from Msangamkuu on the other side of Mtwara Bay, and this small dhow port and adjoining fish market are particularly colourful in the early morning and late afternoon.
Market in Mtwara


Mtwara's market is full of colour and activity. You'll find everything here, with the traditional-medicine section and the textile shops particular highlights. It's near the bus stand.