Wildlife Watching

Animals that you’re likely to spot include oryx, eland, dik-dik, the rarely seen gerenuk, kudu and Coke’s hartebeest. The huge seasonal elephant herds that once crossed regularly between Tsavo and Mkomazi are beginning to come back, after reaching a low point of just a dozen elephants in the area in 1989, although elephants still are not commonly spotted in Mkomazi.


With more than 400 species, Mkomazi is a birder’s delight. Species to watch for include various weaver birds, secretary birds, crowned and bateleur eagles, helmeted guinea fowl, various hornbills, storks and the pygmy falcon. Guided bush walks can be arranged at Zange entry gate or with Babu's Camp.

Walking Safaris

Multihour bush walks can be arranged at Zange gate (US$23.60 guide fee, plus US$23.60 to US$29.50 walking tour fee, ages 12 years and older only).