Bus Station in Mbeya

Nane Nane Bus Stand

About 10km east of central Mbeya on the north side of the main highway; used for transport to Tukuyu, Kyela and the Malawi border. You may need to change onto a dalla-dalla here if you're approaching town from Iring…
Train Station in Mbeya

Tazara Train Station

Tickets for all classes should be booked at least several days in advance at the Tazara train station. It's about 4km west of town just off the main highway.
Airport in Mbeya

Songwe Airport

Located about 22km southwest of Mbeya; handles domestic scheduled and charter flights. Allow an hour for the journey as there may be queues and delays.
Travel Agency in Mbeya

Fastlink Safaris

Booking agent for Air Tanzania flights (around US$70) between Mbeya and Dar es Salaam.
Bus in Mbeya

Bus Station

The main bus station in Mbeya is a fifteen-minute walk south of the colonial centre.
Airline in Mbeya

Kipunji Heritage

This rather sleepy operator is an agent for Fastjet flights to Dar.
Taxi in Mbeya

Taxi Stand

Taxi in Mbeya

Taxi Stand