Lake Victoria restaurants

International in Mwanza

Hotel Tilapia

The hub of Mwanza’s expat population and a magnet to passing tourists, the restaurant of the Hotel Tilapia has an attractive terrace overlooking the lake. Pied kingfishers chatter and squabble as you choose anything…
Indian in Mwanza


No longer open-air, the Breeze restaurant has little in the way of character, but is known for producing decent Indian food. There are also Chinese, continental and Swahili dishes, including several styles of tilapi…
Tanzanian in Mwanza

DVN Restaurant

Excellent local fare is served fast and cheap in this church-run place with an old-fashioned cafe look and feel. There's no menu, just a daily special like fish and side dishes. It's behind the post office and the S…
Indian in Mwanza

Sizzlers Restaurant

Quiet during the day, this cheap Indian joint transforms into a hive of buzzing activity in the evenings. This is when people grab a streetside table and tuck into the chicken tikka, which sizzles on the hot coals o…
Street Food in Mwanza

Salma Cone

Sambusas (Indian pastry snacks stuffed with curried meat or vegetables), soft-serve ice cream and juice are all pleasers here, but it's the smell of barbecuing meat that will draw you in for a kebab. With plastic ou…
Tanzanian in Musoma

Afrilux Hotel

The restaurant at this four-storey hotel with round windows serves the usual hotel dishes, including grilled tilapia (Nile perch), vegetable curry and something resembling pizza. It's a good social place to eat.
International in Mwanza

Kuleana Pizzeria

Don't expect Italian-class fare, but this is a relaxed and popular place for pizzas and snack-style food (omelettes, sandwiches and breads) with a good mix of locals and expats. The friendly owner feeds many street …
Tanzanian in Bukoba

Terminal One Pub

A couple of tables outside the airport's terminal 1 make for a perfect casual spot to chat with locals, have a beer with some fried pork or potatoes, and watch the planes and wildlife as the sun goes down.
International in Bukoba

Bukoba Co-Op Hotel

The beach seating makes this a popular gathering spot. The grilled tilapia, pizzas and curries are good, but it's the view that makes it worth it. If there's no breeze, bring insect repellent.
Indian in Mwanza


This odd time warp serves some of Mwanza’s best Indian food, though oriental decorations and menu items are holdovers from its previous incarnation as a Chinese restaurant.