Top ChoiceNational Park in Lake Victoria

Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park, alluring for its tranquillity and sublime lakeshore scenery, is one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets and there may be days when you’re the only guests on the 240-sq-km island....

Top ChoiceBeach in Musoma

Matvilla Beach

The best thing to do in Musoma is visit Matvilla Beach at the tip of the peninsula, with its pinky-grey granite boulders. It’s prime sunset-watching-with-a-beer territory – and there are bars here to help you...

Archaeological Site in Bukoba

Katuruka Heritage Site

A stop on the Bukoba Tours circuit, this site preserves the oldest-known iron-smelting furnace in east, central and southern Africa (from 500 BC; long before equivalent techniques were known in Europe). While the...

Museum in Lake Victoria

Sukuma Museum

The Sukuma Museum in Bujora village is an open-air museum where, among other things, you’ll see traditional Sukuma dwellings, the grass house of a traditional healer, blacksmith’s tools and a rotating cylinder...

Museum in Musoma

Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere Museum

Julius Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania, was born in the otherwise insignificant little town of Butiama. This small museum inside the family compound celebrates his life and work. It contains a few...

Island in Bukoba

Musira Island

The big chunk of rock in front of Bukoba was a prison island in the days of the kings and now it offers an intriguing getaway. Upon arrival introduce yourself to the chairman and pay the island fee. Ask him to...

Museum in Bukoba

Kagera Museum

This small but worthwhile museum mixes a collection of local tribal items with photographs of wildlife from the Kagera region; drums, handbags and other crafted items are on display. A guide (which is more or...

Market in Mwanza

Mwaloni Market

Mwaloni Market, under the roof with the giant Balimi ad, is quite a spectacle. The city’s main fish market, it also has lots of fruits and vegetables, most shipped in on small boats from surrounding villages, and...

Notable Building in Mwanza

Old German Mansion

Sitting atop Robert Koch Hill, the old German mansion is a Mwanza landmark with great views of the city and lake. Abandoned, it is a fun 'adventure'; several people now live here informally, but if you introduce...

Cathedral in Bukoba

Mater Misericordiae Cathedral

This landmark cathedral in the centre of town certainly draws attention to itself with its huge see-through, glass steeple. It looks like something from a B-grade sci-fi film. Unfortunately the entrance gates are...

Landmark in Mwanza

Jiwe Kuu

One of the more interesting rock formations around Mwanza is Jiwe Kuu (Big Rock), which some people call the Dancing Rocks. Many round boulders sit atop this rocky outcrop north of town and have managed to last...

Hill in Mwanza

Robert Koch Hill

Smack in the city centre is Robert Koch Hill, with an attractively decrepit German-built mansion at the top. To get here, push through the bustling market, and take the trail through the beer garden and past all...

Church in Bukoba

Bunena Church

The town's original cathedral, the 1914 Bunena Church is the oldest church in Bukoba. It paints a pretty picture when seen from Bukoba Beach, but isn’t much up close. The rocky cliff below it, however, is very...

Landmark in Mwanza

Bismarck Rock

Mwanza’s icon, Bismarck Rock, is a precariously balanced boulder atop the lovely jumble of rocks in the lake next to the Kamanga ferry pier. The little park here is a brilliant sunset spot.

Market in Musoma

Mwigobero Market

Mwigobero Market is on the city’s eastern shore. Small lake boats to nearby islands and villages load and unload passengers and cargo here.

Park in Mwanza

Saa Nane National Park

The rocky island 500m off Capri Point is Saa Nane National Park. Even though it’s just 0.76 sq km and home to only monkeys and impalas, visiting costs more than some huge wildlife-filled national parks. Although...

Notable Building in Musoma

German Boma

History buffs may enjoy the tower of the old German boma (a fortified living compound; in colonial times, an administrative office), now part of the Musoma District Commissioner’s Office. It’s past the post...

Market in Mwanza

Maasai Market

Mwanza has a Maasai Market, with a couple of dozen Maasai selling beaded jewellery and medicines on both sides of the footbridge.