Thanks to funding from the French and Japanese governments, significant sections of the Kilwa Kisiwani ruins have been restored, and are now easily accessible, with informative signboards in English and Swahili.


There is no accommodation on Kilwa Kisiwani.


Bring whatever snacks you may need with you, as there are no restaurants on the island.

Drinking & Nightlife

It is not currently possible for visitors to overnight on Kilwa Kisiwani, so you'll need to enjoy the sunset from Kilwa Masoko.

Guided Tours

To visit the ruins, you’ll need to be accompanied by a guide onto the island, arranged through the Kilwa Islands Tour Guides Association, at the bus stand in Kilwa Masoko. The guide will also help you arrange and pay for the necessary permit at the Antiquities Office, just uphill from the port in Kilwa Masoko. Ask for Idara ya Mambo ya Kale (Antiquities Office); the permit is issued without fuss while you wait. The Antiquities Officer is more likely to be there in the morning. On weekends, telephone numbers of duty officers are posted on the door, and officials are quite gracious about issuing permits outside working hours.

Prices for tours start at US$40 per person, and decrease with group size. There are sometimes also slight reductions if you use a non-motorised dhow to reach the island.