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Air Tanzania flies four times weekly between Kigoma and Dar es Salaam (US$200). Precision Air flies five times weekly between Kigoma and Dar es Salaam via Tabora (US$226). Both airlines accept cash only. Air travel to Kigoma is in a constant state of flux, so expect this information to change.

The airport is about 5km east of the town centre (about Tsh5000 in a taxi).



The MV Liemba between Kigoma and Mpulungu (Zambia) via Lagosa (for Mahale Mountains National Park) and other lakeshore towns departs from the passenger terminal at the southern edge of town. Services are on alternate weeks. The ticket office near the dock is open several hours in advance of departure.

Cargo ships to Burundi and the DRC also take passengers. They depart from Ami Port near the train station.

Lake Taxi

Lake taxis are small, wooden motorised boats, piled high with people and produce, that connect villages along the Tanzanian side of Lake Tanganyika. They’re inexpensive, but offer no toilets or other creature comforts, little if any shade, and can be dangerous when the lake gets rough. Nights are very cold. Lake taxis going north depart from Kibirizi village, about 2km north of Kigoma town. Boats to the south leave from Ujiji.


All buses depart from the dusty streets behind Bero petrol station (coming from Kigoma, look for the large, white petrol station with an NBC ATM). The bus station is surprisingly organised with all the bus companies having little ticket offices with destinations clearly signed in a long row. Other bus ticket offices are scattered around the Mwanga area, just to the west.

Buses go to the following places:

Arusha (Tsh60,000, 20 hours)

Bukoba (Tsh30,000, 12 hours, 6am), via Biharamulo (Tsh27,000, eight hours)

Burundi (Tsh15,000, seven hours)

Mpanda (Tsh23,000, eight hours, 6am)

Mwanza (Tsh40,000, 10 to 12 hours, 6am), via Nyakanazi (Tsh22,000, seven hours)

Tabora (Tsh23,000, eight hours, 6am)

Uvinza (Tsh5000, four hours) All buses to Tabora or Mpanda pass through Uvinza.


Kigoma station is the final stop for the Tanzania Railways Limited Central Line Train from Dar es Salaam and from Mwanza. Trains depart from Kigoma to Tabora (1st/2nd/3rd class Tsh31,700/24,200/12,500) and Dar es Salaam (Tsh76,100/55,600/27,000) at 4pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. There is also a weekly express train to Dar departing Kigoma at 8am on Saturday (Tsh79,400/47,600/35,700), stopping at Tabora (Tsh35,700/21,400/16,100).