Top things to do in Kendwa

Cafe in Kendwa

Kendwa Coffee House

This locally run cafe serves beers, juices, coffee and meals on a small garden terrace. Service and ambience is delightfully relaxed. There's also a couple of rooms (double US$35), but they open onto the terrace so …
Seafood in Kendwa

Fisherman Local Restaurant

True to its name, this place is run by an enthusiastic group of locals and specialises in seafood. Drinks and other meals are also available. It's on a small terrace under a thatched roof, on the dirt road that runs…
Lebanese in Kendwa

Varadero Zanzibar House

Serving up Lebanese and Zanzibari meals in neat but simple surroundings, this place is on the dirt road that runs behind the hotels at the southern end of the beach.