Checking flights...


Auric Air has daily flights connecting Iringa with Dar es Salaam (US$180 one way). Iringa’s Nduli Airfield is about 12km out of town along the Dodoma road.


Most buses arrive and depart from the hectic bus station just west of the main street. Ticket offices for all companies can be found here. Book ahead for Shabiby luxury buses to be sure of getting a seat.

If you’re arriving on a bus continuing towards Morogoro or Mbeya, you may be dropped off at Ipogoro, 3km southeast of town below the escarpment where the Morogoro–Mbeya highway bypasses Iringa (Tsh5000 for a taxi to/from town, though initial quotes are usually much higher).

Numerous lines go daily to Dar es Salaam (Tsh19,000 to Tsh28,000, nine to 10 hours), leaving from 6am onwards. To Mbeya (Tsh14,000 to Tsh18,000, five to eight hours), Shabiby, Chaula Express and others depart daily between 6am and 10am; Shabiby is recommended for this route, which can otherwise be very slow. Otherwise you can try to get a seat on one of the through buses from Dar es Salaam that pass Iringa (Ipogoro bus station) from about 1pm. To Njombe (Tsh11,000, 3½ hours) and Songea (Tsh19,000, nine hours), Super Feo departs at 6am from the town bus station. To Dodoma (Tsh14,000, four hours), Kimotco and several other companies depart daily from 6am, going via Nyangolo and Makatapora. Some Dodoma buses continue on to Singida (Tsh24,000, seven hours) and Arusha (Tsh40,000, 13 hours).

Car & Motorcycle

From Iringa, the Tanzam Hwy continues southwest, past dense stands of pine, before reaching the junction town of Makambako. En route are some lovely possibilities for detours.