Tourist Information in Kondoa Rock-Art Sites

Antiquities Department Office

To visit the Kondoa Rock-Art Sites independently, stop by the Antiquities Department office along Kolo’s main road to arrange a permit (adult/child Tsh27,000/13,000) and mandatory guide (free, but tips expected),...

Tourist Information in Tanzania

Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators

This is Tanzania's main tourism licensing entity. While there are limits on TATO's powers to intervene, travelling with safari operators who are TATO members at least will give you an avenue for complaint if...

Embassy in Kigoma

Democratic Republic of the Congo Consulate

Congolese tourist visas must be obtained in advance from your home country; visas are not issued here. That said, staff are generally helpful (especially if you speak French or Swahili). If you are just planning...

Tourist Information in Tanga

Tanga Cultural Tourism Enterprise

The helpful staff here can provide information on nearby attractions. They also arrange excursions and guides for tours in town and nearby. From the post office, go south down Usambara St and turn into the first...

Tourist Information in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti Visitor Centre

This office at Seronera has a self-guided walk through the Serengeti’s history and ecosystems, and it’s well worth spending time here before exploring the park. The gift shop sells various basic booklets and...

Tourist Information in Kilwa Masoko

Kilwa Islands Tour Guides Association

This group of trained guides organises excursions in and around Kilwa (starting at about US$25 per person). You'll also need to book with them for all visits to Kilwa Kisiwani. Their small office at the bus stand...

Medical in Matemwe

Hyperbaric Chamber

For divers suffering from 'the bends', this is the only chamber in Zanzibar, and one of very few along the whole east coast of Africa. It is not permanently staffed, and it cannot be reached by tourists, unless...

Tourist Information in Arusha

Cultural Tourism Program Office

If you have questions about Cultural Tourism Programs in the Arusha area, the Cultural Tourism Program office at the back of the Natural History Museum may be able to assist. Be sure to check out its website.

Tourist Information in Kigoma

Gombe/Mahale Visitor Information Centre

This helpful office for general information and for booking park-run accommodation in Gombe and Mahale is signposted off Ujiji Rd near the top of the hill; turn left at the T-junction. Staff can arrange...

Hospital in Moshi

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre

This is one of Tanzania's major teaching hospitals, with many knowledgeable doctors, although medical supplies and facilities are often lacking. It's around 4.5km north of the town centre, off Sokoine Rd. Payment...

Tourist Information in Mahale Mountains National Park

Park Headquarters

Located at Bilenge, in the park's northwestern corner, and about 10km north of Kasiha, where the park-run bandas and several top-end camps are located. Unless you have made other arrangements with one of the...

Tourist Information in Ukerewe Island

Ukerewe Tourist Information Centre

Paulo Faustine runs this centre from his computer/phone-repair shop (look for the green ‘i’ sign). It is hit or miss whether he's there, and sometimes the people at the desk don't know how to reach him. But when...

Tourist Information in Masasi

Masasi Reserve Warden’s Office

It's essential to stop here first to arrange permits if you’re planning to visit Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve. The office is in Masasi's Migongo area, about 1km north of the main road en route to Nachingwea, on...

Tourist Information in Sumbawanga

Bethlehem Tourism Information Centre

A one-stop tourist information and local tour service operated by the enthusiastic and helpful Charles. He can help with onward transport, and organises local walking tours and trips further afield to...

Embassy in Kigoma

Burundian Consulate

A one-month tourist visa for most Western nationalities costs US$90 (it only accepts US dollars), plus one passport photo and a letter of invitation. Allow up to two weeks for processing. You also pay Tsh10,000...

Tourist Information in Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve Headquarters

The helpful staff at reserve headquarters are the main contact points for making advance bookings for reserve campsites, for updated information on road conditions within the Selous and for other general enquiries.