Safari Blue

Top choice cruise

in Fumba

Safari Blue is a tour company that organises just one main activity: day trips on beautiful traditional dhows around Menai Bay. Each dhow carries about 20 people, and each trip includes swimming, snorkelling (equipment provided), seafood lunch on a remote island beach and time to relax on a sandbank. It's a great activity for families (kids under six years go free).

You can book a trip directly with Safari Blue by phone, email or online booking form (if you need transport to/from Zanzibar Town, this can be arranged for a fee), or via tour companies and hotels in Zanzibar Town or around the island (these trips may cost more but usually include transport). Before booking, check weather conditions.

Note that several tour companies offer trips called 'safari blue' or 'blue safari' or a similar name, as it's become a generic term for any dhow trip involving a beach barbecue, but these are not necessarily part of the official Safari Blue operation.