Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in Dar es Salaam

Wonder Workshop

At this excellent workshop, artists with disabilities create world-class jewellery, sculptures, candles, stationery and other crafts from old glass, metal, car parts and other recycled materials. There’s a small...

Arts & Crafts in Dar es Salaam

Tingatinga Centre

This excellent centre is at the spot where Edward Saidi Tingatinga originally marketed his designs, and it’s still one of the best places to buy Tingatinga paintings and to watch the artists at work.

Market in Dar es Salaam

Kariakoo Market

Dar es Salaam's biggest and busiest market occupies several city blocks and the former barracks of the British Carrier Corp. It heaves with people morning, noon and night and you can find virtually anything here....

Arts & Crafts in Dar es Salaam

Mwenge Carvers’ Market

This market is packed with vendors, and you can watch woodcarvers at work. Take the Mwenge dalla-dalla from New Posta transport stand to the end of the route, from where it’s five minutes on foot down Sam Nujoma Rd.

Shopping Centre in Dar es Salaam


This waterfront shopping centre features upmarket boutiques plus a craft market, eateries, an ice-cream parlour and fine sunset views.

Books in Dar es Salaam

A Novel Idea

Dar es Salaam’s best bookshop, with classics, modern fiction, travel guides, Africa titles, maps and more.

Shopping Centre in Dar es Salaam

Oyster Bay Shopping Centre

Set around a garden courtyard, this small shopping centre is the beating heart of upmarket Oyster Bay. Here you'll find an organic grocer as well as some great craft shops, giftware from Moyo Designs and the...

Mall in Dar es Salaam

Sea Cliff Village

An upmarket shopping mall set around a garden courtyard. There are several restaurants, a supermarket, a children’s play area and a selection of shops, including a number of jewellers selling tanzanite.

Clothing in Dar es Salaam

Mnazi Moja Textile Vendors

For kangas (printed cotton wraparounds worn by many Tanzanian women) and other colourful textiles, try the vendors and wholesale shops in the Mnazi Moja area.

Arts & Crafts in Dar es Salaam

Green Room

A great place for unusual souvenirs, where high-quality giftware, home furnishings, jewellery and artworks are made from upcycled materials.