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Getting There & Away

Hotels on Jangwani Beach are reached via the signposted White Sands turn-off from New Bagamoyo Rd. About 3km further north along New Bagamoyo Rd is the signposted turn-off for Kunduchi Beach.

Via public transport, take a dalla-dalla from New Posta Transport Stand in Dar es Salaam to Mwenge (Tsh400). Once at Mwenge, for Jangwani Beach, take a ‘Tegeta’ dalla-dalla to Africana Junction (Tsh200), and from there a bajaji (tuk-tuk; Tsh2000) or taxi (Tsh3000 to Tsh5000) the remaining couple of kilometres to the hotels. It’s also possible to get a direct dalla-dalla from Kariakoo to Tegeta. For Kunduchi Beach, once at Mwenge, take a ‘Bahari Beach’ dalla-dalla to ‘Njia Panda ya Silver Sands’. From here, take a motorcycle or bajaji the remaining distance. Don’t walk, as there have been muggings along this stretch of road.

Taxis from Dar es Salaam cost from about Tsh60,000 one way. All hotels arrange airport pick-ups.

If you're driving, the fastest route is along Old Bagamoyo Rd via Kawe.