Museum in Dar es Salaam

National Museum & House of Culture

The National Museum houses a copy of the famous fossil discoveries of zinjanthropus (nutcracker man) from Olduvai Gorge, plus other archaeological finds. Wander through the History Room and ethnographic collection f…
Museum in Dar es Salaam

Village Museum

This open-air museum features a collection of authentically constructed dwellings illustrating traditional life in various parts of Tanzania. Each house is furnished with typical items and surrounded by small plots …
Church in Dar es Salaam

Azania Front Lutheran Church

A striking edifice, with a red-roofed belfry overlooking the water, and a rather stern Gothic interior, this is one of the city’s major landmarks. The church was built in 1898 by German missionaries and was the cent…
Church in Dar es Salaam

St Joseph Cathedral

The spired, Gothic-style, Roman Catholic cathedral was built at the turn of the 19th century by German missionaries. In addition to the striking stained-glass windows behind the main altar (best viewed late in the a…
Gardens in Dar es Salaam

Botanical Gardens

Although in danger of disappearing beneath development, these botanical gardens provide an essential shady oasis in a hot, dusty city. They were established in 1893 by Professor Stuhlman, the first Director of Agric…
Monument in Dar es Salaam

Askari Monument

This bronze statue, dedicated to Africans killed in WWI, is now a favourite haunt of street touts and dubious moneychangers.
Church in Dar es Salaam

St Peter's Church

St Peter's is a helpful landmark.
Tower in Dar es Salaam

Clock Tower

This clock tower is a landmark in central Dar es Salaam.
Market in Dar es Salaam

Fish Market

Head down to the Kivukoni fish market at 7am to see fishermen flog their fish to restauranteurs and housewives with all the zeal of Wall St stockbrokers. The market is divided into two main sections, comprising eigh…
Gallery in Dar es Salaam

Nafasi Art Space

Aiming to be the leading contemporary art centre in Tanzania, Nafasi is a complex of 11 studios housed in an old industrial warehouse in Mikocheni. Fifteen local member artists work there alongside regional and inte…