Chake Chake in detail

Flights & getting there

There's a transport stand near the old market, but most people go to the main junction near the petrol station and wait there for a dalla-dalla going in the right direction.

Dalla-dallas to Mkoani (Tsh2000, 1½ hours) leave from near Coral Tours. Dalla-dallas to Wete (Tsh1500, 1½ hours) and Konde (Tsh2000, two hours) depart from near PBZ bank, while to Wesha (Tsh500, 30 minutes) they go from the top of Wesha Rd.

A taxi between town and the airport costs about US$10. For longer trips, expect to pay around US$40 to Mkoani and US$70 to the hotels on the Kigomasha Peninsula.